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- 2024 Release -
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Heels, Legs, Rail, Sidewalk, The End of May, A Novel

A psychiatrist by day and jazz musician by night, Miles Parish meets world-renown ballerina Francine Jackson while on the train during a city-wide blackout. Upon meeting, they soon discover that they can read each other’s minds. Miles can’t ignore their telepathic connection and intense attraction while Francine struggles to accept their bizarre phenomenon. Curiosity leads to crossing boundaries, and drama unfolds in their professional lives as their choices guide them toward an uncertain future.

In this prequel to The End of May, Victoria Russo, the narcissistic antagonist navigates her life as a New York City escort with the intent to avenge her underage sister's "imprisonment" that lasted five years.

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- Upcoming Release -
- 2022 Release -

Bianca Gallucci is enjoying her life when a mysterious man named Pascal shows up at her gallery, leaving a puzzling gift. Days later, she is confronted and asked to return a stolen painting, The Sea of Galilee to its rightful owner. Bianca denies all involvement before her children’s lives is threatened. And that’s when her other personality surfaces. She plans an escape, dismissing all warnings before her children are abducted. Pascal forces her to comply but has more demands. He wants her to kill someone in they both know in law enforcement. A web of lies and deceit surfaces as she embraces her split personality to unveil the truth behind the twisted plot orchestrated by the people she least expected. How does she get her children back while being hunted by the authorities for allegedly murdering a police officer? Which personality is possibly guilty?The Gallucci Gallery is by any means a unique and jaw-dropping rollercoaster of a novel.

“Fans of Sex and the City and those wanting to suspend disbelief to enjoy an easy, drama-filled read set in Manhattan will no doubt enjoy this novel."

-LoveReading UK

- 2022 Release -

Determined to climb the corporate ladder, Marcella strays down a dark path in the wake of devastating events. The fashion industry is challenging, but everyday living in Manhattan is more of a challenge. Spend some time in Marcella's pump heel shoes to experience the joys and consequences of her choices in this heart-warming, inspirational drama. Is there such a thing as too much ambition? You'll find out. Welcome to New York City.

About Us

About Grandeur Publishing

Grandeur Publishing is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive publishing world through the books and authors we represent.

At Grandeur Publishing our priority is to advocate for all future authors and our goal is to be a company that makes authors’ dreams come true. We represent fiction for adults and aim for the New York Times, and USA Today bestselling list.



Grandeur Publishing produces engaging, inspiring, and illustrative stories that are the adjectives to chronicle of Kem's writing process and storytelling. A true sycophant in words, drawing the reader in and taking them on a journey.

Grandeur Publishing only produces the most stunning of tales ever to be woven. Wether it be the sexy and destructive, “The End of May,” or the thrilling edge-of-your-seat

“Gallucci Gallery.” These stories grab your attention from the get-go and send you hurdling through every page, leaving you with a yearning for more!

“The acclaimed The End of May exceeded my expectation and The Gallucci Gallery is the sheer definition of creative writing. Grandeur Publishing produces the most unique and binge-worth stories on the market to date.”

-Yasmine Deetjen, Marketer & Art Specialist

-Cory Handelong, Sci-Fi Author & Voice Actor

-Jason Raditch, Berkely College

About The Author

A writer of Chick-Lit and Psychological Suspense, Kem Richards has been described as a ‘visual and diverse writer.’ His stories are filled with exceptional detail––tapping into you intellectuality, all-the-while prodding your curiosity with his refreshing style.


With the literary talent of a plethora of books distributed across the country, Richards fell in love with writing because, “It allowed me to learn a deep and undiscovered territory within myself. I soon discovered the unlimited and vast capabilities of my imagination,” Richards says. To him, writing isn’t just about creativity, it’s about expansion and self-expression


He can often be found writing at home, Starbucks or at a local library in Manhattan, absorbing the inspiration that encompasses him. Richards’ writing is often a reflection of his life experiences, hardships, and his loved ones who inspired and changed his life.

About The Author
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